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The story of Advantage Test starts in 1971 when Richard A. Gertzman started RAG Enterprises to provide the highest quality reconditioned test equipment at significant cost savings. At that time, this was revolutionary since no other company was offering fully reconditioned test equipment that was cosmetically and electrically refurbished, calibrated, and with all accessories included. By the late 1970s, the company was renamed RAG Electronics and began offering brand new, value-priced test equipment through magazines such as Radio Electronics. In fact, RAG Electronics was one of the fist companies to distribute the fledgling Fluke brand of handheld digital multimeters (DMMs) starting in 1979.

Fast forward to 1997, RAG Electronics changed their name to TestEquity and was on a growth trajectory to become one of the world's largest re-sellers of new and used electronic test equipment. They also were on a path to become the largest distributor of brands like HP (later Agilent and finally Keysight), Tektronix, and others.

That takes us to 2016 where the idea of Advantage Test came into being. The idea was to create a website that is 100% focused on presenting brand new value-priced test equipment. With a huge inventory of products from the top value-priced lines - including Instek, B&K Precision, Fluke, Pomona, FLIR, and others - we continue the tradition of providing money-saving test equipment that started in 1971.

Advantage Test, a TestEquity Company
Advantage Test leverages the strength of TestEquity's multi-million dollar inventory and the technical expertise of its highly-trained Account Executives. This website provides a brand-extension for TestEquity by making value-priced instruments more accessible to you.

RAG Electronics ad in Radio Electronics magazine from 1985RAG Electronics catalog from 1995TestEquity catalog from 2015Advantage Test