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  • B&K Precision 895 1 MHz Bench LCR Meter
  • B&K Precision 895 1 MHz Bench LCR Meter (rear panel)
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B&K Precision 895 1 MHz Bench LCR Meter


Product Description

  • Test Frequency 20 Hz to 1 MHz
  • AC test signal voltage adjustable up to 2 Vrms
  • 3 AC current ranges, selectable via 30 ohm, 50 ohm or 100 ohm internal AC impedance. The 30 ohm setting provides up to 66.7 mArms of drive current, sufficient for larger inductors and transformers.
  • Built-in DC bias source adjustable from -5V to +5V / -50 mA to +50 mA
  • Fast measurement speed up to 13 ms/reading to increase manufacturing throughput
  • 201-point programmable list sweep function providing ability to sweep frequency, AC and DC bias voltage/current levels
  • Auto-level control to maintain the measurement signal applied to the DUT at a constant level
  • Test signal voltage and current monitoring
  • BIN comparator function to sort components in up to 10 bin locations
  • 1 m and 2 m cable compensation
  • 4-terminal fixture and Kelvin clip test leads included
  • Transformer test function with optional transformer test fixture TL89T1
  • Versatile trigger functionality (internal, external, bus and manual)
  • Standard USB, LAN, and GPIB interface for remote control using SCPI commands

BK Precision 895 is a high accuracy LCR meter capable of measuring inductance, capacitance, and resistance of components and materials at DC or from 20 Hz to 1 MHz. These LCR meters provide flexible AC and DC test signal configuration. AC test signal voltage is variable from 5 mVrms to 2 Vrms, the AC current is adjustable up to 66.7 mArms, depending on the AC impedance selected, and a DC bias signal can be added. The vivid 4.3-inch TFT LCD offers a clear view of all measured and setting values along with BIN sorting comparator results and a handy Zoom feature that enlarges the measured values to full screen. With a basic accuracy of 0.05%, auto level control (ALC), open / short / load correction and cable length compensation, these meter are perfect tools for R&D, manufacturing and quality control applications.

DC Biasing
Model 895 features a DC bias source which allows the meter to apply a DC signal to the device under test to simulate in-circuit conditions. DC biasing is commonly used to measure capacitance of ceramic, MLCC, polyester and other capacitors with high dielectric constants. These type of capacitors exhibit a significant change in capacitance with a DC voltage applied. By controlling the DC voltage, users can obtain a more deterministic measurement result. Other applications include evaluation of cored-inductors and junction capacitance of semiconductor devices. The DC bias source is adjustable from -5V to +5V / -50 mA to +50 mA. Additionally the voltage or current levels can be swept while logging the resulting capacitance.

Handler Interface
A 36-pin connector interfaces with a component handler via input/output control signals. Includes bin and list sweep comparator results and end of measurement (EOM) indicator output signals, external trigger, and key lock input signal.

Remote PC Control
Integrate your LCR meter into an automated test system and control it from a PC using SCPI commands via the RS-232, USB, LAN, and GPIB.

Includes: AC power cord, TL89K1 4-wire Kelvin clip test lead, TL89F2 4-terminal low-profile test fixture, TL8SB shorting bar, certificate of calibration, and test report.

Optional Accessory: Transformer test fixture TL89T1.

Data Sheet (4.3M)
LCR Comparison Guide (106K)

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