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  • Hioki 3290-10 Clamp Meter

Hioki 3290-10 Clamp Meter


Product Description

Clamp-On Current Meter

  • Choice of three optional sensors (Example combinations)
     • 3290/3290-10 +9691 : Measure up to 100A
     • 3290/3290-10 +9692 : Measure up to 200A
     • 3290/3290-10 +9693 : Measure up to 2000A
  • Choice of measurement methods
     • DC (for battery measurement)
     • AC+DC RMS (for full-/half-wave rectification measurement)
     • AC RMS (for current distortion measurement)
     • PEAK (for peak value measurement) of inrush current, etc.)
  • Choice of output (Simultaneous output)
    Effective value output, frequency output, waveform output
  • Additional Functions
     • Current integral measurement (obtain polarity-specific integrated DC values)
     • Operating time/duty measurement
  • Supplied with strap and batteries
  • 3-Year Warranty

All the Functions You Need for Measurement at DC or 1Hz and Up

Basic specifications

Measurement method DC, AC+DC (True RMS), AC (True RMS)
Peak value display Polarities independently (±peak value of waveform, in DC mode)
Separate AC from DC output None
Output (terminal 1) Current waveform or true RMS value (2 V / setting range)
Output (terminal 2) Current integral value (1 VDC / setting range)

Please see Data Sheet for complete specifications.

Data Sheet (pdf, 1.5M)
Clamp Meters Catalog (pdf, 4.3M)

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