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  • Hioki 3554 Battery Tester

Hioki 3554 Battery Tester


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  • Get a Complete Diagnosis of UPS Batteries with a Single Device
  • Resistance Measurement 3 milliohms to 3 Ohms, 4 ranges, 1 µOhm resolution
  • Voltage Measurement 6 or 60 V DC, 2 ranges, 1 mV resolution max.
  • Temperature Measurement 10 to 60°C, 0.1°C resolution (with optional 9460 Leads)
  • Comparator functions Setting: First and second resistance limits, and lower voltage limit
  • Data memory, USB interface

Lead-acid secondary batteries are commonly used in UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies) and in backup power supplies for emergency power. Repeated recharging of secondary batteries eventually leads to battery deterioration, evidenced by increased internal resistance and decreased capability to hold a charge. Serious problems can occur if an internal cell develops a short circuit, causing low voltage and potential overheating that can result in a fire. With the new 3554 Battery tester, you can be assured of quick and accurate diagnosis of deterioration by measuring the internal resistance and terminal voltage of backup type lead-acid batteries in the field, without having to disconnect or shut down the system.

HIOKI developed the 3554 as a successor to Models 3550 and 3551, to answer battery-testing needs that changed and grew over the past few years but which could not be sufficiently addressed with the existing models. For example, improvements to the measuring circuitry and the averaging function in the model 3554 provide greater stability of measurements under the severe noise environment inside of a UPS. Also, the basic design of the test leads was modified and greatly enhanced. Problems with probe deformation and dirt adhesion under normal usage have been practically eliminated. The results of up to 4800 measurements can be stored in internal memory, and management of measurement data on a PC is simplified by the integration of a USB interface.

The Hioki 3554 Battery tester quickly diagnoses the condition of lead-acid batteries by measuring the internal resistance and voltage of batteries used for backup in UPSs and emergency power supplies in the field, without shutting down the system. The four-range design covering 0.001 mΩ to 3.100Ω enables easy measurement of the mid- and high-capacity sealed lead-acid batteries in these devices. By simply specifying primary and secondary limits for the battery resistance and the minimum voltage threshold, the battery tester quickly displays Pass, Warning or Fail based on the combination of reference values, for fast and accurate assessment.

Includes: 9465-10 Pin Lead, USB cable, Application Software CD, Strap, Carrying case, Zero adjustment board, eight (8) LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries, and Fuse.

3554 Battery Tester Data Sheet (pdf, 2.2M)

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