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  • Hioki 3561-01 Battery Tester

Hioki 3561-01 Battery Tester with GPIB


Product Description

Hioki 3561-01 Battery Tester with GPIB

  • The Perfect Battery Tester for the Production Line
  • High speed and reliable battery inspection
  • High precision accuracy
  • 3561-01 includes RS-232 and GPIB interface
  • 1-Year Warranty

Ideal for High-Speed Production Lines
Simultaneous high-speed testing of the internal resistance and voltage of small secondary batteries.

The 3561 is a low-resistance meter employing the four-terminal AC method to measure the internal resistance (IR) of small secondary batteries while measuring battery voltage at the same time.

Basic specifications

Measurement ranges and Accuracy 300 milliOhm to 3 Ohm, 2 ranges, ±0.5 % rdg. ±5 dgt.
20 V, ±0.01 % rdg. ±3 dgt. (Input impedance 1 milliOhm)
Measurement current 10 mA (300 milliOhm range) to 1 mA (3 Ohm range)
Max. applied measurement voltage ±22 V DC rated input voltage
±70 V DC maximum rated voltage above ground
Four steps:   7 ms (Extra-FAST), 23 ms (FAST),
83/69 ms (Medium), 258/251 ms (Slow)
Displays 31,000 full digits (resistance), 19.9999 full digits (voltage), Fluorescent tube
Measurement method Four-terminal AC (1 kHz) method

Measurement leads are not included. Purchase the appropriate measurement lead for your application separately.

Data Sheet (pdf, 2.1M)

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