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B&K Precision introduces the redesigned 9170B/9180B Series of Programmable Dual Range DC Power Supplies

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B&K Precision introduces the redesigned 9170B/9180B Series of Programmable Dual Range DC Power Supplies. The new series contains 9 single and dual channel models, each with a unique dual range design that is capable of delivering clean, stable and precise output power up to 210W. Features such as exceptionally low ripple and noise, a low temperature coefficient, excellent regulation, fast transient response time characteristics and significantly improved command response time make these power supplies ideal for ATE applications. Major benefits versus the existing 9170/9180 Series include:

  • Faster Command Processing Time: 9170B/9180B Series models can achieve command processing times of less than 10 ms, which greatly reduces overall test time.  Compared to the closest competition, the E363xA/E364xA Series from Keysight, this series' command processing time is significantly faster, e.g. 10 times faster than the E363xA series.
  • Lower Prices: With prices starting at only $945, the 9170B/9180B Series is an even better value, offering reliable power at prices that are impossible to beat. 

The power supplies also feature a full numerical keypad for convenient data entry and front panel operation, LED test modes, 2 modular interface card slots, automatic range selection and an optional 8-bit bidirectional digital I/O interface; all of which are features normally not included on power sources in this range.  Also offered with this series is a SCPI IEEE488.2 compliant USB standard interface. RS-232, RS-485, GPIB and LAN interfaces are optional via a unique modular interface concept that allows users to install interface cards at the time of purchase or later when needed. The LAN interface includes a built-in web server that allows users to configure, control, or monitor basic power supply settings.

Model Description MSRP
9171B DC Power Supply 0-10V, 10A / 10-20V, 5A $945
9172B DC Power Supply 0-35V, 3A / 35-70V, 1.5A $945
9173B Dual Channel DC Power Supply 0-10V, 10A / 10-20V, 5A $1,380
9174B Dual Channel DC Power Supply 0-35V, 3A / 35-70V, 1.5A $1,380
9181B DC Power Supply 0-18V, 8A / 18-36V, 4A $1,015
9182B DC Power Supply 0-10V, 20A / 10-20V, 10A $1,225
9183B DC Power Supply 0-35V, 6A / 35-70V, 3A $1,165
9184B DC Power Supply 0-100V, 2A / 100-200V, 1A $1,365
9185B DC Power Supply 0-400V, 0.5A / 400-600V, 0.35A $1,365

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